Welcome to Pilates Sports and Fitness 

Pilates Sports & Fitness was established to provide a mind-body workout to its members through personalized one-on-one Pilates sessions as well as duet and group Pilates sessions, both on specialized Pilates equipment and through mat exercises. Founded by a Pilates veteran passionate about delivering a whole-body experience to each individual, Pilates Sports & Fitness follows the principles established by Joseph Pilates to provide a refreshing mind-body workout to everyone who participates in a session.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training was created in the Navy SEALs and practiced by professional athletes. Individuals at all fitness levels can achieve their physical goals through the practice of TRX.  TRX Suspension Training is an effective full-body workout administered through short, intense, 25 minute sessions. Advanced students of TRX can take session up to 50 minutes, burning up to 500 calories an hour. Performed on TRX Suspension Training equipment, exercises leverage your own body weight to build core strength, stability, flexibility and balance. 


Pilates is a safe form of exercise that can be modified to allow anyone, from the beginner to the elite athlete, to experience an effective workout. Pilates benefits people of all ages or current fitness level. People with rheumatoid arthritis, hip and knee replacements, scoliosis and pre through post pregnancy have discovered the joy of movement through the consistent practice of the Pilates method.

Booty Barre

A combination of Pilates, yoga and dance, Booty Barre is a fun group exercise guaranteed to make you sweat while you tone your lower half to today's top music hits. Booty Barre's high-energy 55 minute class focuses on your hips, thighs and "booty," incorporating actions that tone your arms and abs so that you're working your entire body. All Pilates Sports & Fitness Booty Barre instructors are certified by Booty Barre developer, fitness and lifestyle expert Tracy Mallett, as seen in Pilates Style magazine and Shape Magazine.

Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling tractions muscles from origin to insertion, lengthening and correcting “bunched up” muscles and relieving muscle tension. Yamuna is great for athletes, runners and bicyclists relaxing muscles similar to deep tissue massage.


In addition to personalized Pilates sessions, Pilates Sports & Fitness offers group Pilates mat classes, TRX Suspension Training, Booty Barre, Yamuna Body Rolling and Fascia Stretch Therapy.

Peace of Mind

Because we understand that part of the mind-body experience means taking care of the body as a whole, we offer massage therapy services that will help calm your mind and relieve your body of life’s daily stresses. Our certified massage therapist offers several massage techniques, including: traditional massage, deep tissue massage, stone massage, shiatsu and aroma therapy.  

Please see our services page for details about our offerings. 

 “In 10 workouts you feel different, in 20 you look different and in 30 you will have a whole new body” - Joseph Pilates 

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